4 Fundamental Rules Of Setting Up A Dissertation Cover Page

When it comes to your dissertation, you want to make sure that every single element is perfect. You have to focus not only on the topic, but also on the structure of the composition and the additional elements. Many students assume that the cover page is not that important; the truth is that your professor will form his first impression based on this page, so you have to struggle to make it as good as possible. These are the 4 fundamental rules of creating it:

  • Keep is simple. There are some students who think that a lot of information on this page will make them look more professional. This however will only make your professor think that you do not know how a cover page should look like. This is just the first page of your project and it should just contain some basic information. You are not allowed to add any drawings or colored fonts, and clearly you can’t change the color of the page.
  • Make sure there is enough space. As you know, you will have to write some details on this page. The minimum is your name, the name of your professor, the date and the title of your dissertation. All these need to be written in specific places, so don’t think about putting them in the middle of the page without any space between them.
  • Use a clear font. It is vital for this piece to look professional, so you have to use the same font as you used in the rest of the composition. Keep it professional and simple; Times New Roman is recommended most of the time, but there are also others that will work just as fine. Do not underline words without a clear reason, and do not make the font too small; this will make it difficult for the readers and your professor will not be happy. Make sure to keep the title in the middle of the page all the time.
  • Write a sentence under the title. Sometimes, the title of the dissertation is not clear enough and you have to write something to help the readers understand. In this situation you can write a subtitle under the main title; of course, not more than a sentence. This will be a description of the project in simple words.

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